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So many people are unaware of the tools and information out in the world that would bring them leaps closer to realizing their dream. We at The Entrepreneur Lioness have a combination of coaching services and healthy products to take a persons’ life to the next level that they want to reach.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but not everyone knows where to look or what they need to do to reach their dreams. Our audience is largely made up of aspiring young adults but we also have many other followers who are younger and older. We create a positive environment that is meant to inspire and motivate anyone who we come across.

We learn about you and assist with determining what aspects in your life make you happy, aka your dream. From there we help breakdown an action plan that is personally suited to the individual, because we understand that success can be found going down many different paths. Using our tools and resources, we help people realize their path and walk down the path that best fits them. We also offer an incredible line of healthy products, through our relationship with Arbonne, that aid people in living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition to skin care to makeup, we have all natural products that truly leave the user feeling refreshed and energized.

We are currently seeking funding to help kick start our mission. Right now The Entrepreneur Lioness is self funded and has a limited amount of resources and support. With every dollar that is generously provided, we will be able to reach a larger audience and spend more valuable time with individuals to help them build the successful life that every person deserves.

Currently, The Entrepreneur Lioness has two Community Leaders who are dedicated and passionate about helping others and about creating a positive environment where people can find their success. Each of the Community Leaders have a different background and knowledge-base that truly allows them to help others in every aspect of a person’s life.

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UNapologetically Angela


Today I did something that I haven’t done in many years. I gave money to a beggar on the side of the road. He had dirty clothes and a small, beat-up cardboard sign, like most of them do. He moved slowly, a weight clearly looming over him.

At first sight, I was inclined to do the thing I have done for so long now – divert the eyes, look distracted, maybe even lock the car doors.

But this time, I didn’t. This time, I felt something.

So I scrambled to get my wallet before the light turned green, found a single dollar, and reached out the window to hand it to him.

I felt sorry for not being able to give him more than just a dollar. I even apologized to him. His reaction was nothing except grateful. Genuinely grateful. He seemed to be in shock that I had even bothered at all.

I have had encounters with the homeless, the beggars, the panhandlers… throughout most of my life. I did not always grow up in wealthy areas and I saw poverty first-hand pretty frequently. There are usually mixed reactions to these people when we are forced to encounter them, but one stands out as the most prominent among society. The most frequent. Most people feel a sense of delinquency among them and an insincerity that makes them feel unworthy of trust. So what do we do? We look away and keep driving.

But today was different. Today, I remembered something.

We don’t know the whole story. We think we know so much, but in truth, we don’t have a clue. Some people really are just going through tough times. Some people really just need some hope.

During my time in Washington, there were many places throughout Seattle and even the small town I lived in where most of the panhandlers were scammers. They weren’t homeless. It was fraud. They made more money doing that than some friends I had who worked minimum wage. It discouraged me.

During my time in Florida and parts of California, it was clear that these street walkers were addicted to drugs. Homeless by fault of their own. Not exactly on par with my aptitude for sympathy.

Yet, after seeing this particular homeless man today, I was reminded that some people just fall down. Actually, all people eventually fall, in one way or another. Sometimes they are good people. Sometimes they are bad people. But they are people. Every single one.

I think of my grandmother at times like these. I think of mental health and mental illness and what leads a person to a life on the streets. My grandmother was schizophrenic. I never met her, but I have heard stories of her struggle. She disappeared when my mom was barely 18 and was never seen or heard from again. The sad and terrible truth that haunts us all is the fact that if she is not dead, she may be one of those people you see on the side of the road, holding a sign. Or in an alley, talking to a wall. Doing something we don’t understand. Doing something that scares us because of it.

Mental health is fragile and powerful and fickle. I know the plight well. Sometimes we forget that it’s different for everyone. Sometimes we see through selfish or judgmental eyes. Sometimes it doesn’t always make sense.

But at all times, we must remember our blessings and be thankful for mercy shown.

This homeless man I saw did not appear to be on drugs or drunk. He did not appear to be faking his misfortune. He did not give a vibe of desperation, but of intrigue. And then there was the sign. His cardboard sign. Small. Tattered. Meaningful.

It did not say the usual “HOMELESS, NEED HELP” or “NEED MONEY FOR FOOD” or other such phrases. It said something better.

“Need Hope.”

All you need is hope.

I have recently been battling some internal issues that haven’t resurfaced in several years. The truth is, I struggle with bipolar disorder. It has been generally manageable and under control for a long time now, but is the only constant in life is change and recent times have brought upon newfound external struggles, awakening my internal battles. Ultimately, however, I feel that energy expelled is energy gained, in one form or another. Instead of projecting bad energy and absorbing bad energy, it is important to recognize the influence of positivity, even in the smallest manner. Even in the form of a single dollar

I wish I could have done more for that man, and maybe one day I will see him again, but today he inspired me to be good again, despite the daunting thoughts and antagonistic encounters we inevitably face. I will not soon forget that.

Las Vegas is a great city, but the city can turn you hard. It can make you mean. It can break you. Anything can though, if you let it.

Seeing him sparked a change in perspective that I needed. I don’t know why he was so impactful, or if it was just fate in that moment and with that cardboard sign. Life moves in waves and today I am just rising with the tide.

Spread the good vibes, friends.

You never know who’s life you may be silently saving.

Remember –Today is beautiful and tomorrow can be better.

-Your Friend


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You Are What You Eat

Thoughts brought to you by your Community Leader, Jes!

Most people do not think about what makes up the products that they consume. We choose the easiest, cheapest options that work into our busy schedules. However, this option slowly wears down the body. We become more sluggish and moody, and eventually start making even more unhealthy decisions. I know this to be true because I have lived through it. Day by day my poor eating habits changed who I was fundamentally. I was too tired to do anything and looked for the easiest way out for everything. Eventually though I had, had enough!

An apple a day…

I quit the energy drinks and caffeine, all the sugar, and all the fake processed food. Within a month of this extreme 180 turnaround I had lost 20lbs and had more energy than I knew what to do with! I slept better at night. I was more alert and attentive during the day. My mood increased exponentially and I felt better than I had in years. All those McDonald burgers and late night Dairy Queen ice cream runs, and every single energy drink I consumed sat inside of me. Every cell in my body was being destroyed and consumed by all the processed food. But it is never too late to stop this cycle and cleanse your body.

Let me share with you how to do exactly that.

Now, everyone is different and has slight differences in dietary needs. But the general guideline that everyone should follow is simple.

Stop eating food that isn’t directly from the ground, bush, or animal. Organic fruits and vegetables are a must. And organic, zero growth hormone, lean cut meats will change your life. Think back to our ancestors. You didn’t see them eating a hotdog, did you? No. They ate nuts and berries, and meat when their hunters were successful. Our taste buds may love the extra salt and super sugary snacks, but our bodies crave the meats and veggies that give it fuel to stay strong and energized.

You are probably thinking, “Sure Jes, but where do I find the time and what do I even make myself with all this fresh produce?

Well, if you are looking for the time then you should take a look at your current schedule. Figure out where you are wasting time, eliminate the wasted time, and properly plan out your week! And if you need more than that then you should check out our article on getting organized.

To answer your second question, you have a plethora of sources that provide an unlimited amount of recipes! At first it might be hard to do this, and it will probably take some extra time to do everything. But that is how building any new habit starts! Then you slowly get into a rhythm and before you know it, it is second nature to make those meals that you once thought was going to be too hard or take too long. All it takes is you committing to make yourself a priority and then the rest will come with it. I believe in you and so should you!

Extra Tips & Tricks:

Bon Appetit!
  • DRINK MORE WATER (chances are, you’re dehydrated, not hungry)
  • TRY LOCALLY SOURCED ALL NATURAL HONEY (great for combating allergies and improving the immune system)
  • DON’T EAT FAST FOOD (we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again)
  • LIMIT YOUR SODA INTAKE (there’s absolutely nothing healthy about soda guys, cmon)
  • DON’T OVER DO IT (everything in moderation)

Build Better, BE Better!

– Jes

UNapologetically Angela

Budgeting for Vacation

– a short excerpt from Jes

Saving money is difficult. There are so many temptations that frequently come up – things we want or feel like we need. Instant gratification beats out long term goals more often than we would like to admit. So how do you save money so that you can go on that vacation that you’ve been dying to do for so long?

Well, the first step is to logically determine when you want to go. You can’t choose to go two months from now because that’s unrealistic. Give yourself enough time to save the money and purchase your flight and hotels in advance. Usually, if you purchase your flight and hotel two months in advance, then you will pay less than if you were to purchase them a week before. So planning ahead is key! To give you an example, let’s say we are planning a trip for nine months from now, in January 2020 to Sydney, Australia. Sydney has perfect tanning and surfing weather, as well as some awesome festivals and concerts in January. Sydney is the place to be in January!

Quick travel tips!?

When planning your flight and dates, keep in mind that the cheapest and most inactive days to fly are usually on a Tuesday and Wednesday. There may be some exceptions to this for holiday seasons but if you are able to plan your trip to leave and return on a Tuesday or Wednesday then you’ll likely save lots of time and money.

Okay, so you have your place and your dates set. Your next step is to mark your calendar for two months before. This is when you will purchase your flight and hotel. We know we need to get our flight and hotel paid for in November. We will need the funds to do this, so between now and November is the timeline needed to save enough to pay for these expenses.

That’s seven months to prepare!

(More than enough time to properly save for nearly any epic adventure.)

Our next challenge is to determine approximately how much is necessary to fund the entire trip. Using our Sydney example and the place where I live, Seattle, Washington, as our starting point, it will cost approximately $1500.00 for your flight round trip. If you want to stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel, then your total hotel cost will be around $1000.00. Finally you will need some spending money while you are there including taxi fares, food, and entertainment. If you take the average spending of a tourist in Sydney then you are looking at approximately $1300.00 for one week or $191.00 per day. Totalling everything up we will need to save $3800.00 for our incredible adventure. I am sure that total sounds daunting but we are going to break it down and make it 100 percent feasible. We have 7 months to make sure we have $2500.00 to book our flights and our hotel, and 9 months to make sure we have the $1300.00 for while we are travelling. Let’s get planning!

I find that breaking down my financial goals by month or by week, according to my check schedule helps me determine how much of my checks I should be putting away. Plus it sets up a timeline so if I am not able to save on a paycheck I can calculate how much I need to save later to compensate. For our Sydney example, I am going to say we get our paychecks monthly. To save the $2500.00 in the first 7 months we need to be putting $358.00 of our paychecks. Or for those of you who are commission-based or who are business owners, you need to be making $358.00 more in sales.

We also need to calculate saving the $1300.00 over the next 9 months. Don’t worry this is the last bit of math you will need to do. You are almost done! So, $1300.00 broken up over 9 months is $145.00 a month. You have a couple options to save this portion. You can add the $145.00 to the $358.00 you already need to save which will increase the amount necessary to save every month. For the first 7 months you’d need to save $503.00 a month and the last 2 months you would only need to save $145.00.

But there is another option as well!

To avoid having to save over $500.00 a month for 7 months, we can even out the saving per month over the next 9 months. If in the last 2 months before our trip we save 2.5 times the amount we determined monthly, then we would save $362.50 a month in those last 2 months. This option will reduce our amount to save for the first 7 months to $441.00.

If your living situation does not allow you to save these amounts then your other choice is to extend your planning time to more than 9 months to give yourself more time to save!!!

Remember, where there is a will, there is always a way!

You just have to want it badly enough to make it happen. Now if you are finding these calculations to be more difficult then we would be happy to assist!!

Email us the total amount you need to save as well as your timeline for planning your trip, and we will email you back with the break down of the calculations for your trip.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

Sincerely Your Community Leader

– Jes

Budgeting for Vacation

– Back to Angela

Everything Jes said is right and true! It is possible to create opportunity to go on your dream vacation. But! Extravagant vacations aren’t the only way to do it. Personally, I’m a frequent traveler. I get restless. Every month or two, I get that itch to travel and I can’t stop myself. Whether it’s by train or plane or car or bus, I find a way to make it happen. Up until recent times, I wouldn’t say I’ve been a wealthy person, monetarily. I have collected experiences and memories that have brought me to magical places on this planet and in my own soul. I may not have had much extra money to spend on my day-to-day life, but I made it possible for myself to adventure often and impulsively explore and live spontaneously.


First of all, like Jes said, the first and most crucial component is saving money. You can do this in a variety of ways. Multiple choices here for ya, guys. You have no excuses.

You can cut unnecessary expenses. Don’t say that you have none. We all have some. At least one. Do you have both Netflix and Hulu and cable TV? Is that really necessary? Do you even have enough free time to watch all of that? Is that really good for your brain and productivity?

Do you indulge in a shopping spree more frequently than you probably should? It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes, but when you don’t have enough room in your closet for your clothes, it’s probably a decent time to chill out on the purchases. I know it makes you feel good in that moment, but that vacation will feel so much better.

Do you go out every weekend? We know it’s fun. We know you don’t want to miss out. But you won’t be. Staying home sometimes isn’t a bad thing. You’re not a square. You’re an adult. Buy a bottle of wine and cook dinner and invite some friends over to your place. Good times are all about the quality of the company, not necessarily the extravagance of the experience. Plus, this way you get to choose the music, or the movie, or the meal, or the men. It’ll save you money, too.

Work smart, not hard. Don’t cut yourself short because you are afraid to ask for what you deserve. Don’t limit or lessen your worth. If you are good at something, utilize that power. Someone out there wants someone like you. Find that hustle and work it hard.

My roommate recently told me how she saves money because she’s planning a few trips of her own. Her method? She breaks down each paycheck into categories.

50% goes to bills

30% goes to spending

20% goes to saving

(you can also swap out spending and saving, according to which applies to your lifestyle and habits)

It seems to be working for her! Try it!

Other ways to save money on your travel dreams? I have more inside information.

Frequent Flyer Miles and Airline Rewards!!!

I personally swear by Southwest airlines. Experience has taught me that they are the best. Why? They give you 2 free checked bags, first of all. Most (if not all) other airlines will charge you to check your bags. Some of them give you one free and every extra after that is charged, but if you’re like me and you have a tendency to over pack, you’re going to need that extra free bag. SW also allows you to bring on one carry on bag, along with one personal item (aka: backpack, purse, etc). So that’s 4 bags total, FOR FREE. People often think that they are getting a good deal from the cheaper airlines, which offer tickets for much less. But it’s a scam! They charge you elsewhere (bags, beverages, even picking a seat!) and it ends up costing you more than if you were to fly with an airline that actually takes care of you.

If you are also like me in the way that you sometimes spontaneously decide to change your travel plans, SW has your back. Most airlines do not allow you to cancel or change your flight at the last minute without charging you a fee or making you forfeit the money you spent on the original flight. SW allows you to change or cancel your flight (even the same day!) with no penalties. I have been on countless trips where I have felt that my 3 days off needed to be 5 and I did not lose a penny from my impulsive decisions and my overpowering love for staying in San Diego.

In addition, they compensate you for your loyalty and your business. One time, I was on a trip where my flight was delayed for over 8 hours. It was not ideal. SW not only got me out of there quicker than the other airlines at that airport, but they also gave me free drink tickets and a $250 credit towards any future flight for my troubles.

If you have somewhat decent credit, you can apply for the SW airlines Chase credit card. When you sign up, they offer you a free 50,000 frequent flyer miles. For every dollar you spend on flights, hotels, or rental cars, they give you double points towards miles. For every dollar you spend elsewhere, you get a point. It adds up quickly! Not too long ago, I went on 9 trips in one year and every single flight was free!

Even if you don’t want to get the credit card, or you are unable to, you can still sign up for the rewards program. They give you points towards flights for every flight you take with them. It takes more time to accrue the points needed for future free trips, but it is better than not getting credit at all.

Once you find a way to get to your destination, how do you afford your stay?

There are a few ways.

Hostels are one of them. They usually cost about $30 per night per person. They have private rooms or shared rooms, where there are usually bunk beds full of young travelers from around the world. There is a shared kitchen and usually a recreational area. They are in most major cities across the WORLD. They are safe, clean, and filled with adventurous souls like yourself, just searching for cheap ways to see the world.

Some of my friends have told me about their experiences with the Couch Surfer site. I have not utilized it myself, but they have always come back with good reviews. Couch Surfers is a place where people offer up their couches or spare rooms to travelers in need of a place to stay at a discounted rate. They probably even feed you! But don’t quote me on that one.

If you aren’t planning on going on a trip to somewhere far and just want to getaway for a few days, try the Amtrak or Greyhound. Amtrak is a train with routes going all over the US. Greyhound is a bus that does the same. They are very affordable, especially if you purchase your tickets a decent amount of time in advance. If you think you are too good for these methods of transportation, you should probably rethink things. They aren’t bad. They are actually awesome. You get to sight-see from comfortable chairs with chargers and lap tables sometimes even beverages. I’ve booked business class train tickets multiple times and they provided me with an adult lunchable containing fancy cheese and crackers, cookies, and wine. Not too shabby. And that only costed me $45 for a 5 hour train ride.

So, you see? You have no excuses. Don’t spend your life just working to pay bills and die. Spend your days working hard so that you can enjoy the beauty and magnificence of this world. Life is short. Don’t waste your time or your money.

Go see the world. GO VACATION!

Remember –Today is beautiful and tomorrow can be better.

-Your Friend


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