Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a 27 year old college graduate, and a Canadian living in the beautiful state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the activities I enjoy are reading a variety of genres of books, listening to music, rock-climbing, hiking, swimming, painting, and creative writing.

I just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus in Accounting. I worked full time during all of my entire college experience, and now I continue my career as an accounting assistant at a multi-million dollar private company. It is my personal mission to help others. I want to inspire others to go out and do the things they only dreamed about before. Nothing is impossible! I plan to prove this, one success story at a time.

“Keep moving forward!”

– Meet the Robinsons

Let me share a few of pieces of my background that allows me to be a better lifestyle coach for you,

    – Several business, accounting, and finance courses
    – Knowledge on numerous cleanses and nutrition plans
    – Extensive knowledge of various workout plans to target any area of the body
    – Never ending positive mindset
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