Coaching to Success

Accountability Coaching –

Are you having difficult time holding yourself accountable? Do you have goals you wish to accomplish and need someone there to give you that extra push? Here at The Entrepreneur Lioness we offer accountability coaching in packages of 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. Whether you just need someone to check in with you who you can trust but aren’t a friend or family member, or you wish to build better habits that will allow you to hold yourself accountable in present and future endeavors, our Community Leaders are here for you 100%.


  • 4 Week Package – $150 Grand Opening Sale! – $75
  • 6 Week Package – $200 Grand Opening Sale! – $100

Confidence Building Coaching –

We take building your confidence very seriously. Accomplishing your goals can be very difficult if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to take action. Believing you can accomplish your goals is the first step to making them a reality. Our Community Leaders offer confidence building coaching in packages of 6 weeks and 12 weeks. In these coaching packages bring out all the incredible aspects that make up who you are. We will introduce alternative perspectives to you to open up your mind and allow more positive thoughts and feelings flow through.


  • 6 Week Package – $225 Grand Opening Sale! – $150
  • 12 Week Package – $375 Grand Opening Sale! – $175

Financial Health Coaching –

It can be really hard to set a budget for yourself and your family. It can be even harder to keep to that budget. If you have a savings goal you need help executing or you are struggling to establish a budget for your family then this is the coaching package for you! We help you with improving your money management skills and give little extra tips along the way. Don’t delay! Purchase a package today and start managing your money like a pro.


  • 3 Week Package – $145 Grand Opening Sale! – $75
  • 5 Week Package – $200 Grand Opening Sale! – $100

Disclaimer: We currently hold no formal coaching certifications. Our coaching techniques and guidances are built from life experiences, readings, and outside teachings. To bring you the best coaching support, we have been in trainings and working towards holding many coaching certifications. We are excited to be able to announce the completion of our trainings! Although we aren’t currently certified, we are still offering our coaching packages. Our ability to coach and help others, comes from our world knowledge and experience and our empathy for others. So we encourage all of you to reach out today and see just how much we can help you build a better tomorrow for yourself.

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