Hello world. I’m Angela.

Photo taken by Maleah Raquelle (via Maleah Raquelle Photography)

Author. Adventurer. Artist. Professional party host. Experienced badass. Small in size and old in soul. Ordinary is overrated and the essence of my soul cannot be captured in a simple sentence, but I’ll try to give you an idea of who I am. I’m 25. I’ve lived in California, Florida, Washington, and currently… Las Vegas, Nevada. I can’t say that I haven’t lived an interesting life thus far.

When I was a child, I thought that I wanted to be a psychiatrist or a therapist when I grew up. From an early age I had the urge to help people and the insight to do so, at times. As I grew older and decided to live a somewhat unconventional life, I rejected the opportunity to go to college. I didn’t think that was the way I was meant to help. I want to make my imprint on the world in another way. So, rather than getting paid to listen and make judgement on other people’s problems, I want to share my own experiences and create true connections with people just because I want to, not because my paycheck relies on it.

I have seen mental illness. I have seen poverty. I have seen death. I have also seen boundless happiness and over time, I have built a soul that is whole. Still growing. Still learning. As we all should. All I hope to give are words that will inspire you and hope that my words will encourage you and show you that ultimately, you are not alone.

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