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Our mission is to help people build better lives for themselves. We want to see others find the success that they have been striving for but have been missing the right tools to get there.

So many people are unaware of the tools and information out in the world that would bring them leaps closer to realizing their dream. We at The Entrepreneur Lioness have a combination of coaching services and healthy products to take a persons’ life to the next level that they want to reach.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but not everyone knows where to look or what they need to do to reach their dreams. Our audience is largely made up of aspiring young adults but we also have many other followers who are younger and older. We create a positive environment that is meant to inspire and motivate anyone who we come across.

We learn about you and assist with determining what aspects in your life make you happy, aka your dream. From there we help breakdown an action plan that is personally suited to the individual, because we understand that success can be found going down many different paths. Using our tools and resources, we help people realize their path and walk down the path that best fits them. We also offer an incredible line of healthy products, through our relationship with Arbonne, that aid people in living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition to skin care to makeup, we have all natural products that truly leave the user feeling refreshed and energized.

We are currently seeking funding to help kick start our mission. Right now The Entrepreneur Lioness is self funded and has a limited amount of resources and support. With every dollar that is generously provided, we will be able to reach a larger audience and spend more valuable time with individuals to help them build the successful life that every person deserves.

Currently, The Entrepreneur Lioness has two Community Leaders who are dedicated and passionate about helping others and about creating a positive environment where people can find their success. Each of the Community Leaders have a different background and knowledge-base that truly allows them to help others in every aspect of a person’s life.

We want to personally thank you for your support and if you have a moment to share our cause we would be truly grateful!

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