You Are What You Eat

Thoughts brought to you by your Community Leader, Jes!

Most people do not think about what makes up the products that they consume. We choose the easiest, cheapest options that work into our busy schedules. However, this option slowly wears down the body. We become more sluggish and moody, and eventually start making even more unhealthy decisions. I know this to be true because I have lived through it. Day by day my poor eating habits changed who I was fundamentally. I was too tired to do anything and looked for the easiest way out for everything. Eventually though I had, had enough!

An apple a day…

I quit the energy drinks and caffeine, all the sugar, and all the fake processed food. Within a month of this extreme 180 turnaround I had lost 20lbs and had more energy than I knew what to do with! I slept better at night. I was more alert and attentive during the day. My mood increased exponentially and I felt better than I had in years. All those McDonald burgers and late night Dairy Queen ice cream runs, and every single energy drink I consumed sat inside of me. Every cell in my body was being destroyed and consumed by all the processed food. But it is never too late to stop this cycle and cleanse your body.

Let me share with you how to do exactly that.

Now, everyone is different and has slight differences in dietary needs. But the general guideline that everyone should follow is simple.

Stop eating food that isn’t directly from the ground, bush, or animal. Organic fruits and vegetables are a must. And organic, zero growth hormone, lean cut meats will change your life. Think back to our ancestors. You didn’t see them eating a hotdog, did you? No. They ate nuts and berries, and meat when their hunters were successful. Our taste buds may love the extra salt and super sugary snacks, but our bodies crave the meats and veggies that give it fuel to stay strong and energized.

You are probably thinking, “Sure Jes, but where do I find the time and what do I even make myself with all this fresh produce?

Well, if you are looking for the time then you should take a look at your current schedule. Figure out where you are wasting time, eliminate the wasted time, and properly plan out your week! And if you need more than that then you should check out our article on getting organized.

To answer your second question, you have a plethora of sources that provide an unlimited amount of recipes! At first it might be hard to do this, and it will probably take some extra time to do everything. But that is how building any new habit starts! Then you slowly get into a rhythm and before you know it, it is second nature to make those meals that you once thought was going to be too hard or take too long. All it takes is you committing to make yourself a priority and then the rest will come with it. I believe in you and so should you!

Extra Tips & Tricks:

Bon Appetit!
  • DRINK MORE WATER (chances are, you’re dehydrated, not hungry)
  • TRY LOCALLY SOURCED ALL NATURAL HONEY (great for combating allergies and improving the immune system)
  • DON’T EAT FAST FOOD (we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again)
  • LIMIT YOUR SODA INTAKE (there’s absolutely nothing healthy about soda guys, cmon)
  • DON’T OVER DO IT (everything in moderation)

Build Better, BE Better!

– Jes

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